#BasicBirch Glamping Trip

Oh hey girl hey…..it’s been a while no??

I’m sorry I’ve been so distant but I had shit to do and forgot about this “blog post” relationship I had previously started. So here I am trying to make it up to you and I promise I’ll never be a such a selfish Birch again.

Now that that’s out of the way let me tell you about my Thanksgiving. Me and my crew did that super annoying thing that a good portion of social media “influencers” do, we rented a beautiful cabin in the woods, ate a ton of amazing food, made sure to only pack our cutest Fall outfits and just happened to have a photographer tag along. Except this photographer is one of my oldest friends, Megan, and she was invited for her witty banter not just her keen eye and camera skills.

We stayed at Cozy Cabins Nature Resort in Lumby, B.C. It’s pretty dam perfect, log cabins, wood stoves, private lake, row boats, hiking for days and a very charming Prince Erik restocking your wood pile when needed. With very limited wifi, none actually, we were forced to play Trivial Pursuit from 1967, which was very entertaining….for those who don’t know Lucy is Ricky Ricardo’s wife and 99 percent of 100 is 99%.

Falling asleep to the sounds of the wood cackling in the pot belly stove while the flames cast shadows and bounce off the walls is pretty damned romantic! For the record there was a “no sex in the cabin” rule as it was a wide open space with no privacy. Baileys in your coffee, weed in your tea, bacon and eggs for break daily and copious amounts of BBQ chips is how we cabin.

Enjoy Megan’s amazing photos of the weekend!


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