Birches be hating

So this past weekend we got a hell of a lot of traffic on our IG stories because we felt the need to comment in defense of Jillian Harris’s IG story.

Here’s the back story……

Jillian posted to her IG stories visibly very upset over some comments other women had made on her blog posted titled “5 Steps to Becoming a Boss Mom". In the post she goes on to give advice on how to balance life and work after you have a baby….super helpful right?? Well she also mentioned a few of her favorite products in this post, namely Nike Air Max Thea Premium’s which she is also wearing in all the pics. Which I guess a lot of people thought was inappropriate, so they took to the comment section.

The comments were pretty scathing, one woman said she’s a sell out, another said she’s using Leo as a marketing tool (BTW don’t ever mention my child or my parenting skills….I will cut a bitch) they said her entire blog is motivated by her getting free shit. Some people commented on the fact that she pays all her friends to work for her, all the comments have since been taken down but I’m giving you the G rated Cliffs Notes…..these bitches were ruthless and cut throat in their comments.

Here’s what I gotta say about all of that!

First off the sell out comment….at the end of the day she’s a business woman people!!! If Nike called me tomorrow and said we’ll send you some free shoes if you mention them in your blog, you best believe I be sportin some friggin Nikes!!! I’d make Kaitlyn tattoo that shit on her forehead! Call me a sell out all you want but have you bought a pair of Nike’s recently??? They’re $170!!! And I should know because I own several pairs, so does my husband and my daughter in fact, we're a Nike family and proud of it......did I go too far??

Second, and probably the most disgusting, the amount of women commenting on her mothering skills. I have said a lot of shit in my life, as you can clearly tell Im very opinionated and have a big mouth but I DO NOT ever comment on other peoples parenting skills. You guys mom-ing is hard, like really hard. You stress about whether or not you’re doing a good job every second of every day so to have women who most of which don’t even have children go out of their way to tell you you’re doing a bad job??? I can’t imagine what an awful feeling that must be!!

Third, and the most comical to me, her friends working for her. I don’t see the problem here?? If I made enough money that I could pay my closest friends a great wage and work with them all day why wouldn’t I? Isn’t that the ultimate goal in life?? Wouldn’t that make going to work everyday awesome?? Kaitlyn (my shiny new bestie) taking care of online sales, Jocelyn (my OG bestie) running my accounting department, Robyn (sister bestie) baking me fucking cupcakes all day, Megan (fellow crafter and Gemini bestie) running my social media department, Cindy (ex roomie bestie) basically making sure I just don’t eat all the cupcake all day. We'd work hard and play hard and have fun doing it and gossip ALL FRIGGIN DAY!!! We vacation together because we can write it off as “research and development”.

And lastly what I find the most disturbing is that people were so “disgusted” by her post that they took the time out of their days to sit and write huge lengthy negative comments about her. If you don’t like what you read or see stop following!!! And why are we cutting each other down?? Do you know how much harder it is for women to be successful in business than men?? Did you know that only 36.5% of self employed people in Canada are women? ? Did you also know that globally 33% of firms have NO women at all in senior positions?? We have to work harder than men do to accomplish our goals. So one woman (Jillian) is out there killing the game and we have to cut her down?? We should be proud of our fellow Canadian! We should be cheering her on and taking pointers! God dam Birches be hating!

Anyways….in conclusion…..Nike, if you’re reading this I wear a size 8 and Kailtyn wears a size 8.5 and we’re both rather partial to the pink. And Jillian if you ever read my me 250-938-4890, actually no, just text me I hate when people call me especially from an unknown number. 

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