#BossBirch Volume 1

So I’m trying something new for the blog.

I’m constantly feeling so inspired by fellow Canadian business women that I’ve decided to have a special feature on the blog once a month.

I’ll be featuring one female #BossBirch by asking them 6 simple questions and have them take a selfie in their element. Now my big project will be reaching out to all these amazing ladies hoping they’ll agree to be on the little blog that could.

My first guest is a gooder guys....Rachel Doell of Daily Routine Fitness.

I was first introduced to Rachel a few years ago via Jillian Harris’s Instagram post when Rachel was training her. I immediately started following her social media because I’m a slave to all things Jillian. I was quickly inspired by her passion for what she does. Encouraging women to love themselves and their body while simultaneously educating us on good exercise and eating habits. She doesn’t just talk the talk guys, she walks the walk. Posting videos on IG of herself doing push ups and squats in her kitchen while cooking a meal for her family of 5 or doing yoga in her living room with little Adelaide doing laps around her. At the time she was living in Kelowna being so close of course I hoped she would pop into the shop......and than one day it happened!

Truth be told I actually missed it, I was at Noir getting my hair did when Kaitlyn texted me that someone named Rachel came in and asked to talk to me about doing a collaboration, Kaitlyn didn’t recognize her at first and felt like an idiot for not realizing who it was. Long story short, we outfittted Rachel’s whole fam jam for a photo shoot she did with Abbie Rose, the pics were beautiful and sometimes I still see the clothes in other IG pics and get a little thrill. 

So here they are, Rachel’s answers to our 5 little questions along with her beautiful selfie from when she was in Cali looking tanned and happy!


1. What is your mirror mantra? You know, that thing you say to yourself in the morning to brighten your day

You're enough

You're a great mom

You're brave

You're loved by 3 amazing little humans and the hottest man in Canada!

2. What is your guilty pleasure music choice?

Country! American girl through and through

3. What is your favorite Canadian-ism?

I don't know if this is a Canadian-ism exactly "because I'm American" but I love how Canada always seems to fight for the under dog. Canada is a kind, open minded and makes space for individuality.

4. What has been your biggest business learning curve?

Taking a stand for being authentic to who I really wanted to be as a business woman, mother and wife as I walked through the process of suddenly having complete strangers have an opinion about my life, my worth and what should matter.

5. What makes you laugh till you snort?

Catch ups with the friends who you bare the good and bad to. They make me laugh till I snort, cry through tears and make me feel safe to be the realist form of myself.

6. Name a fellow Canadian #BossBirch you admire

Kendall Barber from Poppy Barley, I love her as a designer. The positive influence she has on our community and the stands she takes to make woman feel they are strong, beautiful and worthy of greatness.


You make us feel pretty worthy of greatness too Rachel.




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