So the store has been open for just over and year and a half now and I’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes, some much more costly than others. The learning curve on owning your own business is yuge, what works in my home town of Terrace or in Calgary, “the maker mecca” of Canada, may not work in Vernon. And just because a line does incredibly well in larger cities and is super popular on social media doesn’t mean the ladies walking down the street to their doctors appt. are going to give a shit. “Kaitlyn Bristowe wore this on her snap chat last week” doesn’t register for a lot of people. So I’ve really had to drown out the voices and opinions around me and go with my gut and follow my instinct. 

I’ve spent thousands, yes thousands on lines that didn’t work in the shop. 

There are a few lines in particular that I get asked regularly if I will bring in and I usually say “yes, I’m planning on it but haven’t placed an order yet” then when I sit down at my computer to place an order I walk away without hitting send or minimize it and never look at it again. I’m just now realizing that’s my gut telling me I don’t feel right about having these pieces in my shop. Kaitlyn will attest that I have a very clear image of how I want the store to look and feel and any time I stray from my gut the vision is muddled. 

Here’s an example, there’s a successful clothing line that has cheeky sayings on it, I made a small order with them once but have not ordered since. They’re a great company and I actually have a lot of respect for the owners of this company and definitely look up to them as business women. But they have this one t-shirt that says something that leaves an awful taste in my mouth, it has since day 1. I won’t say what it is because then you’ll be able to figure it out and I’ll get black listed in Canadian retail! 

Whenever I order lines I also think of my daughter at all times, a lot of our clientele are younger girls and I would hate if my daughter came home with a t-shirt that said something derogatory about a specific group of people. 

That being said she can always wear a shirt that says Fuck, all day, erry day. 



And while we’re on the topic of my daughter, why do girls clothes change so drastically as soon as they’ve outgrown size 6?? She goes from pretty flower tops and stripes to velour joggers that say “BRAT” on the ass? If it were up to me she’d wear denim overalls and high tops till she’s 28!

Fuck I hope I’m a cool mom……

So the point of all of this is I’ve decided to start carrying more socially conscious lines. I’ve just placed an order with BeHuman, and I’ve had these ideas for a smart kids line for over a year and I’m going to pursue it for Stella’s sake. 


I will still carry the all your favorite lines that are staples in the shop, I’m just going to try to be a little smarter about future orders. 

And don’t worry Birches I will never stop carrying lines that love the word Fuck as much as I do!



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