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Ok guys….I’ve been trying to quit sugar for the past year but it has been a problem for me my entire life.

My name is Sierra and I am a sugar addict. 

Not just store bought pasta sauce sugar (FYI it has a shit ton of sugar) I’m talking bags of sour soothers from the gas station at 10pm sugar. Like I said, it’s a problem ladies, I honestly feel like I would lose 10 lbs. just by quitting sugar….but do I want to???

I’ve never really been one for New Years resolutions, I always come up with something just so I can be part of the conversation but I don’t particularly care. I’m more of a Spring has sprung resolution kinda girl. You know, everything is fresh and reborn, new beginnings and all. So my new beginning is to start my journey (I hate that word) to figure out how to cut sugar out of my diet.

I started by making an appt. with a naturopath to help me with this uphill battle. But to my shock and horror she can’t just give me some magic pill made of hemp oil and flax seed that will make all my cravings disappear. Although I did end up walking out of her office with $179 worth of supplements??

She told me I basically have to cold turkey this shit and only sheer will power will kick it….wait, WHAT!! Oh Jesus…lawd grant me the strength!

I spoke to friends who struggle with the same demons and they told me the 3 day detox is hell….headaches, diarrhea, vomiting…..well shit (no pun intended).

I really wish I could say that the first few days sucked and then the clouds parted and it was totally worth the 4 day headache….but I can’t because I’m a big fat cheater!

I convinced myself I wasn’t cheating when I got so desperate 4 hours in to day 1 that I ate a handful of Stella’s Treehouse gummy vitamins.

I told myself “you fuckin got this” because I ordered a HALF SWEET iced vanilla latte from Blenz.

I whole heartedly believed I was doing the work.

But than V-Day rolled around and that thoughtful little Birch Kaitlyn bought me an entire box of chocolates, and not just any chocolates but Purdy’s cream filled…..my kryptonite.

By the end of the day Kaitlyn sat horrified at the amount of chocolates I could eat in one sitting (9 in case you’re wondering). But you guys…it made me SO HAPPY!!!

It felt like that scene in the movie “The Secret Garden” from 1993 when the snow melts and the tulips bloom and the grass pokes through the dirt and the baby deer takes it’s first steps. I could legit feel that god dam blue bird on my shoulder.

Which lead me to realize I’m basically a heroin addict minus the heroin. So here I am starting all over again because I didn’t give it my all the first time around. But I figure publicly announcing my plan and putting it out into the universe like this may help me conquer my beautiful little demon….maybe…possibly??

Over the next few months when I can’t come up with a good topic for my blog I may just give y’all an update on my sugar journey (did I mention I hate the word journey). That being said the last thing I want is for this to become a “weight loss journey” type of blog so don’t worry it won’t be that serious. 

In conclusion whoever coined the phrase “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” has obviously never has an iced vanilla latte.


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