Ok guys, I have a real problem I want to address, I’m a clothes horse. My closet is always a disaster and since we’re renting we’re kinda stuck with the closet we currently have which is small for 2 grown ass people who appreciate fashion. Try not to be completely appalled by the pictures I’m including in this post. I’m also in impulse shopper, I don’t walk away from something and say “I’m just going to think about it” nope, not me, I buy it on the spot….maybe in 2 colours.

The problem is I end up purging my closet every season and getting rid of shit that still has tags on it!!!

I grew up in a trailer with my parents and 3 sisters, I think this is a big reason why I now feel the need to buy more STUFF. I didn’t have a lot growing up so I want more of everything, more clothes, more shoes, more gadgets, more make up, more books, more STUFF! So now I have a house full of crap I rarely even set eyes on because it’s packed away in Rubbermaid tubs. This past week Kaitlyn and I auctioned off our lightly used items that we have taken home from the store for charity. We get new stock in and we get super excited and take one home for ourselves, than we literally don’t have enough days in the week to get to wear that particular sweater we took home. All those items I auctioned off I don’t even miss, I couldn’t even name each one of them there were so many. But it felt so good to get rid of all that shit! Plus who knew it felt so good to raise money for a charity and help people!! But it all inspired me to spend more wisely.  

Next time you’re home on a Saturday night and you’ve already binge watched all of Friday Night Lights 3 times and need something interesting to watch I highly recommend “The True Cost” it’s a documentary about the fashion industry and something referred to as “fast fashion”. Fast fashion is essentially the industry pumping trendy clothes out so fast that we now have 52 “seasons” (1 per week) instead of 6 (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Holiday and Resort). This is why when you go to Forever 21 or Zara there’s always huge sale sections and sales racks because those styles were hot last week but are now “out”.  So you feel like you’re constantly needing to purchase more to stay “in style”. These big box stores (Zara, H&M, TOP SHOP, Forever 21 etc.) especially target girls in their 20’s because you ladies are more susceptible to buy into all that social media bullshit and you aren’t making very much money so you love these chains stores where you can get a whole outfit for $30. In my day those stores were Smart Set, Le Chateau, Mariposa etc. 

I’ve been reading a lot about capsule wardrobes lately, this is such a foreign idea to me. Why have 1 black sweatshirt when you can have 7??? A capsule wardrobe is basically a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you absolutely love and that are good quality pieces. But I’m going to do more research and spend some time in my closet really going through my clothes deciding what I really love and need instead of what I want or hope to someday fit in to! I know I already have all those basic pieces, it’s just parting with all the other crap that i don’t need. If you’re considering trying this new approach follow @caroline_joy on IG, her blog is great too. She basically has a capsule wardrobe per season, because you’re not going to wear the same 30 pieces in Winter that you would in Summer. I feel like this is doable, no?? 30 pieces per season, if I really look into it I probably don’t wear 70% of my clothes. 

Now I’m not encouraging you to stop shopping all together I mean I own a clothing store for crying out loud. And I’m also not saying don’t shop at those big box stores altogether either (I just spent $100 at Superstore on my ever growing 5 year old). I’m suggesting maybe have a little balance….shop with intention perhaps. 

Plus shopping at little boutiques like mine, and Cento Wear or LBVLifestyle and Blonde in Kelowna makes such an impact on the lives of the people who own and work in these shops. 

Also, let us not forget that the owner of Zara is the 3rd richest person in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! He doesn’t need your money….but my kid will definitely need braces someday so spread the wealth yo.



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