Well we're movin on up, to the east side....

Well we're movin on up, to the east side....

Hey, HEY, hey

How y’all been? I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA…again.

Between the trip to Europe, than the trip to Toronto and now moving the store, getting blog posts written has been very last on my list. But I’m sitting on the couch and I’ve eaten 3 servings of pasta so I’m not moving anytime soon, may as well bang out some words!

Where do I begin since my last post?? Which was last October!

Well, first off we bought our house!! I’ll be perfectly honest getting a mortgage as 2 self employed people was a struggle, we got denied by 3 companies before we found someone who could get the job done. If you need a guy, I got a guy, just ask.

And boy am I glad he got the job done because in the Fall we decided to rip out the carpet and have laminate put in knowing we’d be out that money if we couldn’t buy the house. So we decided to get started on renos to the house, because as much as we love it, the old girl needs a facelift. It’s all original 1965 (I think)?? We met with our contractor Tom, he brought the architect, the ball was rolling and than something great but awful at the same time happened. We found a new space for the store.

Kaitlyn and I had been keeping our eyes open for months, I’d enquired about every open space on main street, but they were all lateral moves from where we were. I’d looked at spaces on the side of town with newer development but I’d have to sell my soul to the devil himself to afford the rent.

I had mentioned to both Gerran and Kaitlyn this space on 27th with “a big peak on the front of it” but didn’t even know if it was available. Than one day Kaitlyn and I are driving around and I said “Something is drawing me to this space let’s go creep”. Sure enough it looked perfect but a little too big.

*Side note, 2 lovely ladies had come into the shop in December telling us about their new organic market they’re opening and it sounded amazing, they told us it was close to the old Canadian Tire building. So as we’re creeping we notice a large space in the middle with large refrigerator units….could this be the market??? Yer darn tootin it was.

So ya, we had been looking but I was being picky, I didn’t want to move unless it was perfect…..and this place was.

So I contacted the number on the sign and it only got better, Okanagan Bake House was moving in too, so that space was getting broken down to 1200 sq. ft. which was even better!!

I got so excited I jumped the gun, giving my notice at the current spot and purchasing a velvet couch for the new space!! Than my heart was crushed…..the company denied my application.

So we kept looking, I found another space that Kaitlyn and I both LOVED but it was 2700 sq. ft. Which is twice what I wanted. As I’m looking at other spaces I’m still emailing the property manager for that one space and she’s avoiding me, it’s obvious. I just wanted to know why? Finally she responds, we’re too young a company and we don’t have enough fluid cash (we had JUST bought our house mind you). I couldn’t let it go, I had to drive past it daily and checked everyday worrying that eventually the FOR LEASE sign would be gone and somebody else got it. But the sign was there everyday. So after about 8 weeks and me obsessing I sent one final email saying “I noticed the space is still for lease, is there any chance I can come to Kelowna and plead my case to the owners?” She emailed me back immediately and said she would show them my file one more time to see if they’d changed their minds. Than later that day I got an email saying they’d reconsidered and WE GOT THE SPACE!!! At a higher rate of course but still it was so perfect!!! I drove back to the store to tell Kaitlyn and I thought she was going to cry….she hates our current space more than I do.

So here we are, we’re moving!

BUT she be raw! I was naively thinking I could get the renos done for $10-15k when we first signed the lease….HA foolish girl! No, after the quotes came rolling in it was clear the house renos had to be put to bed until next year. So we’ll have to live with our painted countertops and NASA space orb bath tub enclosure for a while.

But it will be worth it, oh will it ever be worth it!

The new space is going to be amazing and glamorous! It’s smaller which is what I wanted, but it has so much natural light and fantastic neighbours!! Did I mention the new Eat Good Market owned by Wayne and Susanne Hoover?? It’s amazing and they make the best smoothies, Kaitlyn and I are so excited to have yummy healthy choices right next door! Plus the big perk…..it has a huge PARKING LOT!


So ladies please hang tight as this space will be worth the wait! New couch, new beautiful area rug, new wine fridge (yes, that’s correct you’ll get to enjoy a cider or glass of wine in the new space) and velvet…..so much velvet!!!!


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    So so happy for you guys!!! You really deserve it!! Can’t wait to see the new space:)

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