"You like me, right now, you like me!" -Sally Field

Guys….I met Ben Mulroney.

But there’s so much more to the story than just that.

It all started a few months ago when we got a call at the shop. I for sure thought it was the Amex people or those dam Google ads people (who the fuck are those people and why do they keep calling me??). But no it was Michelle, Michelle from the Retail Council of Canada (RCC). She said we had won an award and they were flying me to Toronto to accept the award….this is obviously a scam wanting me to send money over seas. 

She explained that the members on the RCC board nominate a business and do a little presentation than the board votes. Well Michelle started following us after Jillain’s plug (thanks Jill!) and she personally nominated us, the board voted and we won…Michelle must be a fantastic presentation giver!

So I just assumed they would fly out me and 1 guest so I of course chose Gerran, Kaitlyn was bummed but she understood. When I emailed Michelle to tell her she informed me that they would fly out me, Gerran, Stella AND Kaitlyn…WHAT!!!! Oh, AND cover our hotels as well, she was sounding more and more legit…..but I was still skeptical. She also informed me that a film crew would be flying to Vernon to film us for a little 3 minute introduction video to play at the gala (yes it was so swanky they called it a gala).

So Jon from Corbin Visual in Toronto flew out and had Carey and Evan from DCD Productions out of Kelowna come with all their uber fancy equipment to help.

Day 1 (Thursday) was interviews with Kaitlyn, Gerran, Sara from Top Knot and Lisa from Big Sun plus B roll of the Okanagan area. I got all dolled up in a cute new dress, made sure my make up was flawless and my roots were freshly dyed but it turns out it was all for not as I wasn’t even on camera that day. Kaitlyn was so nervous she made me hide in the back so I couldn’t hear her answers. Sara was even more nervous and I felt so awful because she came to do this for me!!!

Day 2 (Friday) was my big day, Stella stayed home from school because she’s such a huge part of the store that she HAD to be in the video too. But I woke up to the worst possible scenario…..I had the stomach flu. I felt nauseaus when I woke up but I’m notorious for having really bad upset stomach and diarrhea when I’m nervous, and today was my big interview so I was very nervous. This was different, I’m about to get graphic so you’ve been warned.

I couldn’t leave the bathroom for 45 minutes, straight water was coming out of you know where, no puking though thank god (my overwhelming phobia of vomit is better explained in a whole other blog post). I had to meet them at the BX Cidery as Missy generously allowed us to film there at the last minute. It was 30 degrees and I couldn’t stand up straight or catch my breath, I’m sure you all know this feeling.

*Side note, later in the day we found out the film crew thought I was hungover!! Those of you who follow our IG know I very rarely drink and when I do it’s like 2 sips of cider or white wine to calm my nerves. Also Carey kept telling me to take Ibuprofen and Kaitlyn and I didn’t understand at first how Ibuprofen would help the stomach flu?? Oh, because he thought I was hungover!!!

So here we are at the Cidery in the 34 degree heat and they want us to run through the orchard while a drone chases us…..are you fucking kidding me?? I’m trying with all my might not to shart myself and you want me to run around being chased by a drone. Which might I add is terrifying, like this is how horror movies end. Once we assured them I wasn’t hungover they allowed me to go home and try to sleep for a couple hours, which made me feel worse!!! I just wanted to stay in bed!

We did my interview in direct sunlight, and I get why actors complain, the waiting around is so frustrating especially when you need to sit on the toilet or sleep.

So a week later the video arrived and I was amazed!!! The footage they got was incredible! And they really encompassed Birch Hill Studio and Vernon.

So than a week later we had to head to Toronto….but this post is long enough and the whole gala extravaganza is going to be lengthy and deserves it’s own entry. So stay tuned…..

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