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2 Girls, 3 Pairs of Spanx, and a Bottle of Midol

2 Girls, 3 pairs of Spanx and a bottle of Midol walk into a $7 M house…..


So a couple of months ago my lovely friend and neighbor Chantelle (JC Bradley) suggested I try advertising in Okanagan Home Boulevard magazine, so I asked her to pass on my info to her contact. Next thing I know Mario is calling me on a Saturday night to set up my ad but also suggested they feature me in their Inspired Style article. I was very flattered but to be honest I just thought he was being nice, and I really didn’t think anything would come of it. I was also told they’re planing on doing the Inspired Style issue on Chantelle for a future issue and I instantly thought “well that makes perfect sense”. She’s beautiful and glamorous and knows the names of super expensive exotic flowers and her hair looks like a Disney princesses hair and she co-owns this amazing “Tiffany’s of the North” jewelry store. Anyways, as i said, didn’t think much would come of it. But then a week later I got a text from Lia Crowe. 

FYI Lia Crowe is kind of amazing, she’s a writer, photographer, stylist and the creative director of Boulevard magazine, she also use to be a model….definitely worth Googling for Lady Boss inspo.

She ended up sending me the questionnaire to fill out for the interview and gave me some examples of her past articles of the people she has featured and I nearly shit my pants. These people were so worldly and sophisticated!!! 

One of the questions was “What is your favorite piece of art?” Past Featured Guests answered pieces by Picasso and Robert Longo and my first instinct was to say this canvas print from Ikea that I bought 10 years ago.

“Favourite handbag?”

PFG: Louis Vuitton or Cèline 

ME: Well i got a great deal on this floral satchel from Winners. 

“Favourite Hotel?” 

PFG: The Parker, Palm Springs

ME: When I was in the 7th grade my family drove to Prince George for our one and only family vacation and we stayed at Esther’s Inn, blew my fuckin mind!!!


Anyways, you get the idea….you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl (for the record I lived in a tiny trailer with my whole family till I was 16)…that shit builds character, clearly.

So I started feeling very insecure and after taking days to answer the questions, it took a pep talk from my Kaitlyn to remind me how fucking awesome I truly am and to just be myself. I eventually found a way to do just that and answer the questions honestly without people thinking I’m missing my 2 front teeth while I strum a banjo on my front porch.

But then came the photo shoot day which happened to be the day after we held an event at the store and each put in a 12 hour day at the shop. So Kaitlyn showed up at my house early to do my make up and I put on every pair of Spanks I own and we headed over. As we’re driving over we both realized we have mad cramps and are both feeling bloated from our periods (the joys of working side by side with another female all day….synchronicity!). So I grab the bottle of Midol I keep in my console…..frozen solid. So we’re exhausted, crampy, bloated and both have the nervous trots….awesome!

Side Note: Kim Appelt from Style By Kim XO also contacted us to bring some pieces for her to use to style the model for the main shoot that was also taking place. I was definitely stress sweating, which as we all know smells totally different then normal sweat.

So we pull up to this amazing $7 million dollar estate with a huge iron gate as we waited for the gate to open I felt like I was on “Knots Landing” (if you don’t get this reference…educate yourself immediately). Once we got inside we probably looked like tourists visiting Canada for the first time, mouths open, eyes wide in awe of the beauty. This place was the tits! As we made our way to the master bedroom, oh look Jenny Mckinney is doing Teigan Moore’s make up….oh and Darren Hull is checking out the lighting in the pool room!!! WTF!

We find Kim prepping with her assistants for the shoot, she was super sweet and lovely to chat with and made us feel at ease as it was pretty clear we were out of our comfort zone. Although I could get pretty damn comfy in a $7 million house.

We pass Lia Crowe in the hallway, she quickly introduces herself and says she’ll come find me when she’s ready for me, I’m instantly intimidated, she’s all business, a walking talking #BossBirch. We putter around the house freaking out at the amazing details and that view!! We meet Jenny and she’s just the sweetest!! Then Lia finds me….show time.



It was pretty obvious that I’m super stiff and clearly not a model, but after confiding in Lia that I was super intimidated by the past featured guests answers to the questionnaire and the photo shoot in general, she was so comforting and calmed my nerves. I quickly developed a Lady Boss crush on her….she was running the show at this shoot and taking names! She was so friendly and included Kaitlyn in the process as she could tell I was more comfortable with my hype girl around. 

Side Side Note: Kaitlyn pulled all her best moves to make me laugh and smile “naturally” and Lia totally caught her twerking behind her. 

We ended up shooting in the library that legit looked like the library in Beauty and the Beast, floor to 18 foot ceiling shelves of books with a ladder on wheels. 

Side side side Note: Lia said my make up looked amazing….reminder that Kaitlyn did my make up. Jillian Harris isn’t the only Harris with a Kaitlyn.

So after an hour or so of shooting we hauled our asses back to the store. We were quickly brought back down to earth as Kaitlyn started cleaning the wine stain rings off the counter from the night before and I peeled off my Spanks feeling like a can of Pilsbury Crescents when you pop it open. 


After a few weeks of waiting Lia emailed me the link to the article today and it’s kind of amazing. She didn’t change my dorky answers or anything, she let me be me! Overall it was such an amazing experience and I’m so honored that Boulevard even considered me. 


So here’s the link to the article if you’re at all interested in finding out what my favorite restaurant is.





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An Introduction to this A-type, know it all, bossy Birch

Guys....I'm Sierra, owner and self proclaimed control freak of Birch Hill Studio. I decided to start a blog section to add to our website because IG is great to put a face to the biz but not enough to put a voice to the biz. Plus I'm super opinionated and have a lot to say. That being said this it NOT a G rated or even PG 13 rated blog. I swear like a trucker and I love taboo topics. This isn't your run of the mill "check out our new stock" blog either. I'll try to keep my posts short and sweet, the perfect read for when you're pooping at work or hiding in your bathroom from your kids for 5 min of "me" time.

I will definitely share stories from my day to day life, so if you're a member of my family of a close friend, you've been warned *Gerran, Stella, Robyn and Kaitlyn*.

I don't sugar coat things and I certainly don't beat around the bush. I'll try to avoid typos but for the past 10 years I've thoroughly enjoyed autocorrect so I'm lazy.

I'll let you know in advance if what you're about to read is a "mom post" so you can skip if you're one of those people who thinks children are gross and sticky.

There's going to be sex stories, fart jokes and poop jokes, frankly these are my favourite topics of discussion.

I'm very honest and very real, I've had more established business women tell me I should tone it down and keep it G rated for work. Sorry doll, not my jam.

Oh and I'm also 35 years old and tend to talk like I'm 27 (ie. "That shit was dope" or "That's fuckin rad") because I spend most of my time with a 27 year old.

Enter Kaitlyn....the 27 year old. You'll read several anecdotes about Kaitlyn because as much as I love this girl to pieces, she constantly reminds me how much I don't miss my 20's. That being said  she's super mature and has her shit very much together for her age. She's the manager of the shop and bestie...she's my Grigio Girl.

You'll most definitely become familiar with my family, namely my husband Gerran and my daughter Stella. Gerran owns a restaurant here in Vernon (Browns Socialhouse), he treats me like a queen, spoils me rotten and spends his days off cleaning the house and going on adventures with Stella. He also farts and poops with the door open...choose your battles ladies.

Than there's Stella, oh my little Stella, by far the funniest and kindest little soul I know. She's 5 years old and has the manners of the downstairs staff at Downton Abbey, "Please" "Thank you" "yes ma'am" etc. The other day while I brushed her hair (which is a daily battle) she wailed "oh the travity, oh the travity" pretty sure she meant travesty.

There may also be a sprinkling of my sister Robyn, she lives in Winnipeg with her 2 girls. She's been my #1 fan and biggest cheerleader for as long as I can remember. She's the one person my whole life who's never doubted my ability to get shit done. But most importantly she ALWAYS  laughs at my jokes.

So that's me folks, read my blog weekly or don't, my feelings won't be hurt.

Ok, that's a lie, I'm super sensitive so just lie and say you read it and you think I'm hilarious.



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