Ca$hew Cow Candy Bar

$7.00 CAD

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For Milk Chocolate Lovers Have a friend in finance or banking? This could be a perfect bar for them. Sara, long time Zingerman’s manager, keeps one in her glove box for chocolate emergencies. You could follow her lead and give your finance friends a steady supply to keep in their top desk drawer for good luck and special powers!

We roast cashews and grind our own cashew butter so it’s as fresh as can be! Next more freshly roasted cashews, our own hand pulled cashew brittle (yes pulled, to get the perfect crunch when you bite it), a bit of puffed rice, and milk chocolate cashew gianduja are mixed to make a rich-yet-crispy-and-light candy interior. We cut this nutty, crispy gianduja into bars and dip it in our custom blended dark chocolate. Cha-ching! This is a bar for those who love texture (and cashews)!

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