Coyote Canyon - Wildflowers Collection

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From massive blooms in the hills and valleys of Southern California to under-the-radar meadows in a small Colorado ski town, the Wildflower Collection celebrates the most stunning places to see wildflowers across the nation - and aims to bring them into your home.

Notes of desert marigold, mariposa lily, agave

Seeing wildflowers in the desert is like witnessing a miracle. Coyote Canyon and the surrounding desert landscape are transformed each year by heavy rains, flash floods, and even snow. Some desert wildflower seeds will lie dormant for twelve or more years, waiting for the perfect conditions before coming into bloom. In years of drought, only the hardiest plants will be visible in the spring. But in years with rain and snow melt, the dry and barren land is transformed into a desert oasis of vibrant colors.

14 oz candle in a ceramic vessel that can be used as a flower pot once the candle is gone. Candle is housed in a delicately detailed letterpress gift box.

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