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Fable Kids - Heirloom Bunny with Scarf Doll

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Amy is a Canadian/Australian mum, maker and author residing in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada with her young family. She has spent the past two years pouring her heart into creating patterns and designs that bring handcrafted, sustainable heirlooms to life for adults and children worldwide.

While other children played sports, she spent her childhood in the woods creating imaginary worlds, drawing pictures for friends, taking sewing lessons, and reading books. It seems she spent her childhood preparing for this new venture, and it is wonderful to revisit those magical years at this stage of her life. she sincerely hopes her creations, both big and small capture your heart and bring a slice of magic to your corner of the world.

All of her doll patterns are original, drafted and honed by her self. Materials have been carefully hand- selected to represent sustainability, quality, and uniqueness. A large amount of my non-vintage materials are purchased from local farms, local shops, and Canadian small shops. She truly believes in the benefits of supporting small shops and supporting handmade through her personal and business purchases.