Zzang! Candy Bar

$7.00 CAD

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The Zzang!® is the first bar we created, and it’s still the reigning champion in popularity among all of our candy bars. It’s got the classic candy bar combination of peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate, and because we’re using great ingredients and traditional candy making techniques, the textures and flavors are distinct, luscious, and captivating! Some of those great ingredients include full flavored, 65% chocolate, freshly roasted jumbo runner peanuts, muscovado brown sugar from Mauritius, and midwest dairy and honey, to name just a few. We do not use the preservatives often found in manufactured candy, so enjoy our candy bars within a couple of months of when they’re made. We make our bars in small batches, daily, so it’s easy for you to enjoy them fresh.

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