The Boss Birch

The BAUS of the HAUS! The brains behind the store we call Birch Hill Studio. The creator and Designer of HausOfBirch, not to mention finding Canadian brands to carry in the shop and online and somehow keeping her cool at all times. She is a strong ass Gemini through and through which is why she makes such a great business owner, never a hesitation in what she wants and how she wants it. But keep in mind she is one of the funniest humans we have ever met and keeps us laughing all day everyday until we cry. She will always be the person that stands up for you when you have been wronged and never backs down for what is right. Harris, we love you, you are truly one of a kind.


Executive Assistant/Director of Operations

My number 1, my second in command, the official Birch Hill Studio Hype Girl! Kaitlyn has been with me since day 1, she was a server at mine and Gerran’s restaurant in Terrace, I instantly got a good vibe and asked her if she would be interested in packing up her life and moving to Vernon to run my store, she of course said yes.We painted the first BHS location just the 2 of us with a tiny Stella at our sides! Now, she keeps the whole team ticking and makes sure I cross everything off my list, she handles the logistics of some very exciting collaborations with Canadian influencers and smells the jars I fart into with blind faith! But most importantly she’s Aunty Kaitlyn to my Stella (I'm aunty Sierra to baby Frankie) and the bratty little sister to my husband…she’s family.


Warehouse Supervisor

Oh Patricia!

She hates it when I call her that. Trish handles all things inventory, systems and procedures, online orders, shipping and receiving and brought much needed organization to Birch Hill Studio. She keeps the shelves in the warehouse tidy and easy to access, she gets a major lady wood when we have a shit ton of orders and they're packed and stacked in an orderly fashion. Trish adores Canadian pop culture, runs her own business called Renewal Wellness and sends us endless snaps of her cat, Rosco. Wanna get on her good side?? Bring her a COBBS cinnamon bun.