Juniper Pine Hot Toddy Kit

$7.00 CAD

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Widespread throughout the Pacific Northwest, the western red cedar is a large, coniferous tree in the cypress family that thrives in old-growth forests and along streambanks. Cedar is considered a sacred tree by many North American indigenous people. The leaves are rich in vitamin C and is used to treat fevers and rheumatic complaints, chest colds, and flu. The juniper berries and rosemary bring a unique experience with a strong aromatic flavor and scent. The addition of star anise, cinnamon, lemon, clove, and honey sugar give this blend its delicious Hot Toddy flavor. To top it off, we include a slice of dehydrated lemon that is simmered in Oregonian wildflower honey as a garnish.
Contains no caffeine. Cedar leaf tea. 1.5oz.

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