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Kelp is a type of seaweed that has been used extensively in the treatment of glandular and thyroid disorders, stomach troubles, kidney disorders, asthma, low vitality, obesity, bone health, various skin conditions and is known to be a strong detoxifier of heavy metals.

Kelp (Laminaria Digitata) is an arterial cleansing agent, giving tone to the walls of blood vessels, and reducing deposits in the arteries while restoring elasticity. It also strengthens the circulatory system and helps to lower cholesterol.

For 15 years, OCEANS PURE has been the #1 natural liquid kelp on the market in Canada. Our proprietary extraction method and quality production practices provide you with a natural source of iodine, essential for a healthy and balanced thyroid. OCEANS PURE contains over 70 natural occurring minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins in levels 10 to 20 times higher than land vegetables.

The natural enzymes in this amazing kelp species aids weight loss by supporting the body's metabolic and digestive systems 

Laminaria digitata is an arterial cleansing agent
When your thyroid is healthy, you will experience:
  • Increase in body energy
  • Help with a better sleep
  • Happier, more balanced moods
  • Help sharpening cognition
  • Aid in healthy metabolism and better weight control

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